CRX Collaborative Robot Series

FANUC’s new CRX Cobots are safe, flexible, quick to implement, and easy to program.  All with FANUC renowned reliability and 8 years of maintenance-free operations to meet the production needs of today’s manufacturers.

8 years zero maintenance 

Proven Industrial
Reliability & Repeatability

More FreedomCollaboration

Easy Drag & Drop


The CRX Cobot is available today in two models: CRX-10iA and CRX-10iA/L

  • Easy to power

    Each model runs on standard 230V power.

  • Small Footprint

    The compact size of the CRX makes each model easy to place.

  • Quick Set-Up

    Fast gripper installation and changeovers with FANUC approved devices.


10kg payload and 1,249mm reach
Small collaborative robot CRX 10iA


10kg payload and 1,418mm reach

CRX 10iA/L Collaborative Robot Arm
Education wreath

CRX Cobot e-Learning

With the new FANUC CRX e-Learning videos, you can learn just how easy it is to get started with the CRX. Register today and watch the free online CRX training videos that demonstrate the ease of use and simple set-up. Designed to get your production up and running in no time.

CRX Tablet Teach Pendant
Collaborative Robot CRX 10iAL Gripper EOAT
Controller for Collaborative Robots

FANUC Offers the Largest Line of Collaborative Robots

Do you run a small or medium-sized company, and this is the first time you’ve thought about adding automation? FANUC has you covered when it comes to Cobot technology. We offer the only line of Collaborative Robots on the market with renowned FANUC reliability, unparalleled support, and 8 models to choose from.  Supports payloads from 4kg to 35kg all operating safely in fenceless environments, FANUC Cobots offer a quick return on investment.

FANUC Collaborative Robots

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